McFadden’s Meet-Up

As promised (threatened?) I’d like to thank those of you who said and wrote all those nice things about the broadcast this past winter by buying you a beverage at McFadden’s… sorry I couldn’t pull it off for Opening Day but I will be at McFadden’s about 20min aftr game ends THIS SATURDAY APR 5.

Stop by and we’ll talk a little baseball and raise a glass to the 2014 Mets 🙂

Cheers and Keep the Faith…!



Note from Josh

Mere words can’t express the depth of my appreciation to the dozens of you who went above and beyond on my behalf these past few months.

Many of you took the time to reach out to both the Mets and WOR, and I can’t imagine that hurt my chances of a return to the job I’m so excited about having in the first place. Two little words aren’t close to enough, but they are totally heartfelt: “THANK YOU.”

During this process, some of you have taken some shots at the Mets or WOR, and I say this not as an apologist or a company stooge, but quite sincerely – I have had nothing but great experiences with both the Wilpon Family and the new radio station. They both have the best interests of the overall collective at heart, they really do.

Also, I’m aware that those with dissenting opinions of the “Howie&Josh” dynamic have taken some shots as well… and I’ll invoke the old George Carlin line: “Like my grandpa always said, ‘hey, if everyone liked the same thing, they’d all be after your grandma.’”

I solemnly and sincerely pledge that I will try as always to make every Met fan a happy listener to our presentation… I regard this job with a near-sacred responsibility since so many are so passionate. And although I may continue to disappoint some of you, please know I’m doing my best to please everyone, but given that no two listeners have the exact same taste, that’s simply an impossible task. The late Harry Kalas used to quote Shakespeare and tell us fledgling broadcasters “to thine own self be true;” and that’s the way I’ll continue to go at it: Mets fan, a little goofy (okay, a lot goofy), not in possession of a classic radio voice, but at the very least, wanting to inform and entertain for all nine innings without fail. That’s all I can control.

I am overjoyed that I’m back for another year to live out my childhood fantasy as a Mets radio announcer. There is no better partner in the business than Howie Rose, and I am honored to return as the John Oates to his Darryl Hall. It should be a really fun and interesting year. (I can’t wait to watch Bartolo Colon run the bases, can you?)

Lastly, I would love to host as many of you as possible after Opening Day to thank you in person, buy you a beverage, and just talk a little baseball. I’m guessing McFadden’s is the spot that makes sense. Let’s touch base via twitter in late March and coordinate a meet-up, which will serve as my chance to thank you very kind people, fan to fan.

Wishing you peace, love and soul… (and thanking you all again) —

-Josh Lewin